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Machining and Fabrication Ipswich Mass


Target Machine is a full service machining and fabrication company that specializes in precision machining with a complete machine and fabrication plant. Capabilities include cold bending and stress relieving high pressure tubes, machine flanges, lens rings, blocks and fittings. Our quality control system provides our customers with confidence when they receive their products.

Target’s machinists are highly trained, experienced, and driven towards helping our customers succeed. Our attention to detail and part accuracy is matched only by our amazing on-time delivery rate. Our specialized services include precision machining, design, engineering, prototyping, fabrication, assembly & inspection.

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Fabrication plant
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Machining Turning - Ipswich Mass


Target Machine’s turning capabilities include multi-axis mill/turn centers as well as high speed, small diameter bar machines with 50 millionth resolution controls. A temperature controlled room with turning machines enables us to achieve optimum dimensional stability as well as to hold extremely close tolerances. Our CNC machine capability allows multiple milled and turned features to be performed on the same high-speed machine in one operation, thereby reducing part cost.
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Turning Machines
CNC Machine
Milling - Ipswich Mass


We have the necessary state of the art equipment to produce premium, custom parts efficiently and economically.

From high-RPM machining in aluminum and plastic to aerospace alloys, titanium and heavy steel cutting, Target Machine’s equipment has been strategically selected in order to support a wide range of machined parts. With our prototype and production solutions, we can handle orders from the development CAD files on to production runs both small and large.

Efficient Milling
High RPM Machining
Custom Milling
Precision Manufacturing - Ipswich Mass


Target Machine is equipped to provide both prototype and production quantities to very tight tolerances, utilizing our high-end CNC machine tools and highly skilled machinists to provide our customers precision-machined components to their designs and specifications.
Precision Manufacturing
High-End CNC Machine Tools
Component Production - Ipswich Mass


By applying the latest CNC machining technologies, Target Machine has enhanced our precision blanked and stamped parts with unique, difficult-to-produce features. Companies of a variety of industries depend on us to deliver components within a reliable supply chain model. Our production capabilities include springs, stampings, machined stampings, fineblanked stampings, fourslide components, and assemblies. The manufacturing capabilities of Target Machine allow us to seamlessly deliver components and great cost savings for our customers.
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Precision Stamped Parts
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